Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a "pressure therapy" and involves pressure to "reflex" points on the foot whose nerves are interwined with others in several parts of the body.

There is belief among many that reflexology improves blood circulation, releases tension, detoxifies internal organs, rejuvenates the mind, repairs damaged cells and tissues, relieves pain and discomfort, balances the aural field and cure certain ailments.

Reflexology had been considered as of natural form of health care 5,000 years ago. Like aromatherapy, meditaion and herbal medicine, they have been around, but it is only now that they have been rediscovered.

History indicates that the Egyptians were already aware of teh curative powers of hand and foot reflexology. A pictograph discovered recently on the wall of a tomb that dated back to 2,500 B.C. shows a practitioner applying pressure on the foot and hand of a patient.

In another part of the ancient world, the Chinese had already developed a sophisticated system for curing ailments and diseases. Almost a thousand years ago, a Chinese doctor named Dr. Wang Wei is said to have pioneered the use of acupuncture, another natural form of health care, where various pressure points on the body and feet are pierced by needles.

Chinese therapies are still being used worldwide up to today and have gained popularity in the West. Many natural health colleges throughout the US base their curriculum on Chinese theories on health and healing.

Another ancient civilization that still utilizes natural therapies like reflexology is India. Many of its treatments are based on natural, holistic therapies and philosophies. It is believed that a nutritional deficiency and or a build up of toxins in the system are the cause of all diseases.

In Thailand, traditional Thai massage has been practiced for centuries. Its roots can be traced to India about 2,500 years ago. There are massage parlors all over the city and most of them offer both Thai traditional massage and foot reflexology for only a few hundred baht per hour.